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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Uniform

Every one has a uniform that they wear to work.. be it the tradition Burger King uniform you wore when you were a teen, or the monkey suit you wear to work in your 30's. But what about moms who work from home or are stay at home mommies? What is the traditional daily uniform? Well I am going to tell you about mine.

Bras and Undies- well I have to admit I don't wear undies...not very comfy and an allergy to the elastic in the bands has made me restrict my usage of these to when I wear dresses only. As for bras... a good comfy non underwire is my preference. I may have a big chest, but I really can not take a wire sticking in my side while I am chasing after my toddler.. so we skip that and move to comfy leisure bras for daily wear... underwires are reserved for formal occasions.

Pants- Yoga pants are a must! If I am going to be getting on the floor up and down constantly throughout the day with my son, and then go from cooking to cleaning to meditating.. they just work the best. They have to have a draw string, but pockets are optional. Yes pockets are nice to have for stowing away the occasional tissue, but honestly I do not mind getting up and down every time I have something that needs to be tossed. Jeans are good too, I usually save these for when we go out shopping or for dinner. And never "mommy jeans" either.. nice fitting pants that make me look nice.. hey Moms need to feel sexy now and then too.

shirts- T-shirts.. a logo or print is ok.. but a plain t-shirt works great too. Nothing like a good ole white v-neck!

Jewelry- I keep low key on this... daily I wear my nose ring, wedding ring and a hand made silver dragon fly pendant, or my mother and child pendant depending on my mood. I have learned that most things just get yanked on so less is better.

Makeup- I wear 3 things.. organic moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss. I do not need to age my skin with all those harsh chemicals in makeup ..and the fact that I still get carded at 30 is proof that I am doing it right.

Feet- Carrie from sex in the city would cry if she saw my shoe collection.. the most expensive shoes I own are my winter mukluks and my Birkenstock sandals for the spring and summer.. I prefer having nice socks and fuzzy slippers for very cold days.

So that is the uniform.. what do you wear as your uniform on a daily basis?

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