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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Power of Knitting

Now I must say, knitting is not, nor will it never be by favorite craft. However, I would like to state formally that I think every mother should knit at least one item for their child. Now this is not going to be a history lesson, if you want that you can find it here. But I must stress that its history and its connection to motherhood is a very strong one. In our day and age where we can go to wally world and just buy socks, scarves and hats at any time, we forget the painful fingers of the mothers of our past. The reality is that for our even our grandmothers, knitting was a reality of motherhood. If you wanted to put a hat or scarf on your child in winter months, you had to make it. It was a staple of the motherhood experience. My experience recently with knitting, opened my eyes to how difficult and time consuming this process can be. I got to use a new loom object provided by my friend that made it easier, and still the process was time consuming. It took me 2 days of knitting almost non stop to make a scarf that would fit my one year old. It was not the most enjoyable experience, but I gained a new insight and appreciation of mothers who had to do it, and do it still on a regular basis. Kudos to mothers who do this as a pastime, and even more to mothers who do this as a business. Despite how hard this was for me I felt very accomplished with my finished project, not the prettiest.. but each strand was made with love.


LadyAnastasia said...

haha, I don't know how to knit, and there is no one here that can teach me

Jasmine said...

Maybe I should make a guide so you can figure it out :-)

LadyAnastasia said...

Hey, that'd be cool