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Friday, October 22, 2010

Okay.. I'll do it

I need to feel some comfort in our current financial situation so here goes my first attempt to do some prosperity magic in a long time. Not sure what I am going to do exactly, but I know for sure that it is the full moon and this will be the best time to do some magic. I know I have some green stones around somewhere.. maybe I should just consecrate a bracelet or the sort.. who knows.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Times of Blah

So this week my husband lost his was a mixture of mismanagement and his own damn fault. It has been time for him to move on for a while now, as he has had this Job for 6 years and was not getting anywhere with it..and barely had gotten any raises since starting... he had already been looking into new jobs.. and was severely depressed when he figured out that he would make more money as a garbage man instead of taking care of delinquent youth. I am just sick of the financial crap that is going on.. everyone is feeling it.. you know you are. Is it even worth it to do prosperity magic? why bother going to my basement and pulling out supplies and setting up an altar when the entire country has no money left to go around. Have you also noticed that the ones who aren't struggling right now are the ones who don't need it.. you know that gay friend from high school who wastes money on a new car to match his outfit and a matching Iphone every 6 months... or the girl who was a major bitch in high school who posts pictures of herself on facebook in a drunken state of delirium..why do I have her as a friend anyway? I am just so over this backassed karma thing.. I do good for me and my family and my community and then I am faced with just another hurdle and seemingly endless array of obstacles that just block out what I want next for myself in my life for myself and family. I try to stay positive but I know the reality of it all. It is most likely best that I do not break out the gear and do some prosperity work.. my energy is so off and frustrated that I would probably end up having a person die and leave me money.. and it would be someone who was not ready to go.. that is just my luck.