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Celebrating Motherhood as a Spiritual Guide and Path.

Jasmine's Good Resource List.

I know in the past that I have written a bit about Authors I do not like, but I would like to start a collection and library for everyone that I do like.  This will include books in fiction, spiritual, anthropological and many other media I really love.  I hope this to be an evolving list that grows over time. 


The Way of Four, Deborah Lipp-  A great book about balancing the elementals in your life and practice.  I consider this the best book on using the elemental forces in your practice. 
Elements of Ritual, Deborah Lipp-  A break down of the ritual circle that includes hows and why's.  This book should be in every Wiccan's collection. 
The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca, Deborah Lipp-  This book is great for help for those pagans that have a hard time understanding the differences of the different types of Wicca out there.  It talks about multiple topics and discusses them from multiple view points.
Witchcraft Today, Gerald Gardner-  Not a fun read but lots of great information.
Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul, P. Telesco-  a wonderful collection of articles stories and more by elders and teachers.


The Kitchen Witch Glossary of Cooking Herbs and Spices, Mimi Riser- This is a fun short read that includes many different cooking ingredients and how they can be used magically.  Love the recipes.
Culpepper's Complete Herbal, Nicholas Culpepper- This is old school herbalism at its best.
The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews, Scott Cunningham-  One of Cunningham's best books, this book covers a broad range of how-to's and recipes that everyone should take a peek at if they are interested in herbs. 

Children's Books

The Barefoot Book of Blessings- contains many blessings from many faiths and cultures. 
The ABC Book of Shadows- A nice little board book that covers the ABC's in a pagan way. 


The Baby Book, Dr. William Sears - This book was our family bible for a while.  I have lent it out at least to 5 different new moms and I will continue to read it off and on for years to come.  I think we referenced this book more than the nurses when we were in the hospital when my son was born.
Proud To Be Pagan KIDS!-  This website is a collection of pagan children's activities. 
Pooka Pages- A great collection of stories and activities for pagan children.


Babies-  A great way to see the mother and child bond through the eyes of another culture.
The Mists of Avalon - based on the Book by Marion Zimmer Bradley, this a retelling of the king Arthur legends through the eyes of Morgan La Fey.
Sacred Planet- A great combination of looking at nature with words of wisdom from indigenous elders.  


The Universe -  I have learned so much from watching these series, I find it challenges the mind in mysterious ways. 
Planet Earth -  this is a great series that lets you see parts of our planet that are just amazing.
Man vs. Wild - What i love about this series is that it shows you ways to survive in nature but also shows the wrath of the natural world.  


Loreena McKennitt- if anyone ever born was to claim a title of "bard" she is it.  She has a gorgeous voice and is skilled with many instruments.  I love her live DVD's.  
S.J. Tucker- its sassy pagan music at its finest.  I recommend the Pixie Can't Sleep and Hymn to Herne
Witch's Mark-  Pagan based rock.
Shibaten- A mixture of instruments around the world from a Japan Native. 
Emerald Rose- It really is celtic music that rocks.. I love "Fairies Stole my Keys"