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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"I need a spell"

So.. I would assume that if you are following my blog you know that I sometimes like to lurk on pagan message boards. Well this one is becoming a daily thing that I have noticed goes on ALLOT. So I am going to introduce a few new self created terms to understand this breed of pagan:

Spell Begging- when a pagan has a random problem that they feel would be better fixed by magical means, and they have no clue how to use magic. This problem would usually best be solved by mundane methods, but they choose to go the magical route first.

Band Aid Magic- when a pagan has a deep emotional problem that requires counseling or deep introspection, but they ask for advice for spells to fix it.

InstaBOS e-pagans- Pagans that respond to requests very quickly with multiple spells they have never even used that they have collected from.

Now from what I have seen, never does the person ask how to write their own spells, or advice to learn enough to do this. That is what worries me. That pagans would sooner jump into following the spells of others than to try and learn it on their own. Too often do I see this happening. The real question do you handle this?