The Spiritual Mother

Celebrating Motherhood as a Spiritual Guide and Path.

About Me

Hello and Welcome to The Spiritual Mother.  I go by the name Jasmine in the pagan world, a name that was given to me over the course of time from many different pagans and sources.  I was born and raised in New Jersey.  I first started researching paganism in 1996 when I admitted to myself that I wasn't really an atheist and I knew I never could be a Roman Catholic like my Italian family.   A friend of mine mentioned Wicca and I started studying it with great enthusiasm.  In 1999 I went away to college and found my first teacher, whom I studied with until I transfered colleges in 2001.  It was at my new school that I found my coven and trained and was initiated to the 2nd degree as a Gardnerian.  I also studied on the college level a combination of Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Education and World Religions.  Yes I was a busy bee.  In 2005, I moved to Iowa to marry and live with my now ex-husband.  In 2008, I became a mother to my wonderful son.  In 2012, I got divorced and decided to move back to my home town in New Jersey and start a new life with my family.

I have been working with children since I was 12, when I started babysitting and eventually became an assistant dance teacher at the dancing school I went to. After studying education at the college level, I went on to start working in a child care setting and eventually I opened up my own in home day care business. Overall I have been working with kids for about 20 years, and I truly feel that my entire life has been a path that has lead me to motherhood. I pride myself on being a natural parent who strives to meet my son's and day care kiddos needs through attachment parenting and more.  I no longer do day care and I am currently a Cosmetology student with hopes to work in the spa environment.  My goal is to make people feel great about themselves and inspire people with hope.

I am a practicing kitchen witch and herbalist and a Tribal Belly Dancer. I value many things in my life, such as family, friends, cooking great food, drum circles and festivals, dancing, being spiritually balanced and above all being a mother. I hope that you enjoy my writing, as it is a passion for me that I equate being my top hobby after researching topics in my life to make myself a better person and mother.