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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Incense Magic

I recently received a question via Private Message for one of the sites I travel asking me about what "Incense Magic" is and what I could tell them about it. So I figured why not just answer publicly.

My own personal daily practice of my spirituality is very similar to a Kitchen Witch. I make foods, crafts, my own cleaners with essential oils to spiritually cleanse as well as disinfect. Most of the time, and what I am known for in my circle of friends, is my Incense. I make a powder incense that is a combination of resins, herbs and oils or other liquids that is burned over a coal. I use specific herbs for a purpose that are balanced for their use and scent. I also can never give you a recipe, because I never write them down. I consider each magical usage a different scenario and I also add till I get it right. It is allot like cooking for me, but for the nose.

Materials for me are always the same, my special mortar and pestle, my consecrated silver spoon, my burner and coals and a baggie to store extras in, or send some home with my friends. I start with a resin and break it down with a firm pounding action, moving around the mortar in a deosil or widdershins fashion depending on the intent of my incense. I add my herbs and once I get that right I add a few drops of oil with my spoon. The entire process is a meditation for me and I am putting energy into it. Once it is ready I burn it over a coal. If I have time I will sit by and watch it burn while enjoying a refreshment and meditating on it, or I may go about my day while peaking on it while it burns, allot like my cooking, and enjoying the scent while I focus on what I am doing as well as the scent which reminds me of my intent and my magical working.

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