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Monday, February 15, 2010


So.. I admit it.. I fraked up. Just the other day I was thinking to myself "wow no one has been sick in my family for about 6 months. GO US!" Well wouldn't you know it, DCkid came to my house with a runny nose. We have all been sick ever since. My son was wheezing for about 24 hours straight on Saturday, been coughing ever since.. fever, constipation, runny nose.. refusal to eat.. ALL THE GOOD STUFF. And now I am sick, gotta love when mother hen finally gets the bug and all the house chickadees are feeling better and running around..yuck!

Here is my main complaint. I feel like crap and my husband is begging for me to let him go to bed early. Are you kidding me?? I barely slept last night because I was up all night coughing and throwing covers off and on because of my fever and you are asking me if you can get some extra sleep? What is it with men. Please men, if your wife is sick after listening to a screaming toddler for 2 days straight, just do what ever she tells you, no matter what you think about it. That is almost as dumb to me as asking a pregnant woman with morning sickness for fellatio.

So here is to all the DayQuil I just ingested.. lets hope it works.. otherwise Momma is moving on to the hot totties.


LadyAnastasia said...

Awww... I'm sorry. How are you feeling now?

Jasmine said...

still feeling quite poopy... I just took another dose of DayQuil.