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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Does Busy equal Lazy?

I have been bad this week.. I have not followed up on any of my "homework". Instead I have been working, then doing turkey day.. then holiday shopping.. today I could have done something for my homework.. but instead I made a pot of chilly, cleaned the kitchen and started getting ready to put the tree up.. does making myself busy constitute laziness for my spiritual side? I have felt the close family spirituality and love this week allot.. planning for Yule, Christmas and Chanukah. We plan on celebrating them all this year.. no one in our family really subscribes to the judeo-christian faiths, but we still want to expose our son to these religions, so that he can choose his faith when he is ready.. But as for my own spirituality.. still just a block.. like constipation. Too bad there isn't a spiritual laxative.. just take one and see the gods!

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