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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The begining.

I was sitting in the shower while my son was napping, and my husband was listening to the Hawkeye game, attempting to meditate. I was trying to feel some sort of resemblence of the spirituality I felt about 5 years ago before I was married with children..when All I had was myself and I felt a connection to the earth and my gods in every part of my body. I was feeling some sort of bliss standing alone in the shower scrubbing myself down with my body poof and some old Bath and Body Works gardenia shower gel. But that came to a crashing hault when my husband started blasting "Afternoon Delight" from the next room. I got out of the shower, and before I was even done toweling off I was greated at the door of the bathroom by my husband who came in trying to play a radio parody for me to "Afternoon Delight". I usually love that song, but after that moment I felt that I might never listen to the song the same way again.

I have been in the happiest time of my life for a long time. I love my family.. being a mother has been the greatest love I have ever known. Then why do I no longer feel a connection to my spirituality? Isn't your spiritual center supposed to come from the same place as love? Had hundreds of poopy diapers clouded my connection to the Earth? How do I get it back? Was it gone for ever? What do I do?

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Rusty Sullivan said...

Maybe your love for your family and being a mother is the realization of your spirituality. Don't look without for something that may be within all along.