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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Plan

Not to be confused with the awesome conclusion to Battle Star Galactica...

In an effort to reclaim some of my lost spirituality (without posting flyers around the neighborhood that say "Missing: My Spirituality.. and a touch of my sanity"), I have decided that building a "To Do" list might be in order. Normally and in my younger years, young Jazzy would have said WTF to a to do list in general.. let alone one to find some missing spirituality. However, with the pressures of running a business and being a mother, To Do lists are my savior! So.. who knows if any of these will work.. but its a start!

1. Find some more me time... shower time is your only time besides nap time.. and taking a shower till the hot water runs out in hopes of a few more minutes alone is obviously not enough now.

2. Share this blog with 5 old pagan friends, reconnect and consider their advice.

3. Join a pagan message board and post a topic.. how have other moms retained their spirituality?

4. Contact a Pagan Author and ask for their advice.

5. Take up some form of spiritualy based exercise.

6. Get drunk and watch "sacred planet"....

7. Reduce Internet time in general.. there are only so many times you can read CNN or Babyzone posts.

8. Connect with another mother who seems to have her head on straight and still maintains a vision of spirituality in the world (I am thinking BuddyLove from BZ is perfect for this)

9. Research at least 3 different Mother Goddesses from different cultures.

10. start drawing again

11. burn some incense at least once every 5 days... candles too! just think your flameless scentsy candles should be here next week.. gotta love child safe candles!

12. take more walks

13. find some me time!

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