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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spiritual Message Boards

Have you ever noticed how when it comes to spiritual based message boards, you become very aware how full of shit people are?? I swear some of these people must sit on the crapper and shit out sunshine, rainbows, and the answer to world hunger and peace.

One post in particular was written by a woman who just caught her husband cheating on her in her bed. One person actually responded to the woman by suggesting she light a "plum" candle annointed with lavendar oil and pray for open communication.

WTF.. first off what is with a plum candle? A plum scented candle? so you are suggesting that a smelly candle manufactured by some poor sweatshop kid is going to help this woman? and then you are suggesting rubbing more scented oil on it to make it smell like 2 different things.. great lets give the poor woman a headache on top of being angry and distraught about her situation... and if you meant a purple candle.. why not say PURPLE instead of sounding like a flowery fruit cake?

Point number 2- If I found my husband in our bed with another woman I would need a hell of allot more than a candle.. a candle would not hit his head hard enough and the flame would be out before it hit him.. how about a bowling ball and a blow torch?

I just don't get what goes on in these peoples heads.. do they sit around all day meditating to pure moods, rubbing themselves down with oil and lighting 7 types of scented walmart candles.. with incense going at the same time.. and meditating with magnets on their heads while their kids massage their feet? do they actually take time out of their day to be mothers?


roztime said...

Stumbled on your blog and then spent a few minutes laughing my head off at this post, FABULOUS!! hahaHAHA YES!

Jasmine said...

thank you roz!

LadyAnastasia said...

Great Blog! Thanks for making me laugh