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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tooth Paste- where it all began.

My journey to switching over to green products started with tooth paste.. ya I know how lame does that sound? I have always had issues with tooth paste though even when I was a little girl. I think strong mint flavors taste like shit.. actually I would imagine that shit might taste better. Honestly who are they kidding with a burning sensation like that in your mouth? I tried every kind on the market in regular kinds.. but my gag reflex always gave in. Cinnamon and spear mint were my only options that didn't result in me trying not to puke every morning and evening.

Fast forward a bit to when I was pregnant. Tooth paste created my morning sickness problems... I swear by that to this day... I would start brushing and then the coughing fits came and then.. well you get my drift. I soon found myself steering towards kids tooth pastes.. the only one that worked Toms of Maine silly strawberry... it was a miracle at the time.

After pregnancy and the negative experiences with tooth paste I had.. I found myself with a different problem... that kids tooth paste just doesn't make my teeth feel clean enough. So I do like the Toms of Maine brand, it doesn't bother me taste wise, but my teeth do not feel their cleanest. I currently have a tube of Burts Bees.. now despite how thick it is.. I really feel very clean teeth. However the taste is less desirable.. I would love something a bit different, maybe since it has cranberry extract in it to help remove plaque..why not flavor it like cranberries.. just a thought!

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