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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bad Book List

The more pagan boards I surf, the more I notice that in general pagans these days are reading crap. Its like they get stuck on a certain type of Author and just stick with these books and never get onto books that will further their knowledge of the craft. So here is my guide to these books.. feel free to flame or comment away because I know that since so many pagans out there think these books are "gospel" that I am bound to piss off someone.

Lets Start with Cunningham..

...His books on herbalism are decent books, you can't go wrong with those in a collection. However, it seems like every pagan has read "Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner". And so many pagans take this to mean that Wicca is primarily a solitary faith and practice. Wicca was evolved by Gerald Gardner as a practice for covens and group work. I am not saying Solitary practice isn't a valid and beautiful path at all. I am saying that there is so much more out there to Wicca.. many things that are not in a book and can only be taught through experience with a group and that you shouldn't put yourself out on that because you feel that this book and the rest of cunninghams work is so awesome.. there is so much more out there.

Silver Raven Wolf

..She isn't called Silver Raven Twat for no reason. Not only is she criticized for being one of the worst pagan authors in history..but she has also been called unethical, a bigot, uneducated and an idiot. Not only did she publish a book geared for teens that makes Buffy look like an encyclopedia..but she also threatened one of my friends who wrote her about this book and told her she didn't think it was ethical to print it. An example of her work is that she actually recommends using Venus, a love goddess, in money magic...explain to me how that works.. please.

Laurie Cabot

Have you ever seen a video or picture with this woman in it??? Seriously.. if you were walking down the street and someone who wore more makeup than Elvira and Marilyn Manson came up to you and announced that they were the "official witch of Salem".. what would you say to them? Beyond the "books" cover.. this woman is extremely feminist.. she pays no attention to a god figure and her entire work is mainly about feminism. In my experience of 10 years being initiated I have found that most Wiccans are about balance.. between Male and Female. Going off what this woman says is purely one sided and you are missing an important half of the equation. Wiccan practice is about fertility.

Fiona Horne

In this day and age pagans should know better than to follow a person based on their looks.. if being a playboy model turned pagan is a way to get famous and sell books than we have huge problems here.

Most pagans became pagans in the first place because they questioned the bible..I just think that we all need to take a step back and give the same questions to pagan books too. To be continued..


Hailey Marie said...

I started back around Samhain on my path with Cunningham's books because they came recommended to me by a friend on the path for more than 14 years. I think I have three books by him, Wicca, Living Wicca, and the Herb Encyclopedia.

I feel like I've evolved way past his books as a pagan. I'm still learning, but his books were good starter course for me to get started onto my path. I no longer call myself a wiccan, merely a pagan, possibly a kitchen witch or an eclectic pagan... but only time will tell.

From my experience, his books aren't bad. They give the reader a good starting spot to learn from while they also read and grow from other sources. Those who take it as gospel... that's going a bit far.

I'm currently on a solitary path because 1) I know no pagans in my area and 2) I'm rather shy. Solitary seems natural for me. Should I find a coven to join that I mesh well with, I will absolutely join in for that.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Brightest Blessings!

Jasmine said...

Allot of people do start off with Cunningham, and that is great. I fully support and love people that build their own spiritual path. In fact I think it is very important. I do however think that only reading Cunningham (like I see around the net at least once per week) and staying in the mindset of "do what ever you want, just don't hurt anybody and don't worry about the rest" is a mistake. And the fact that so many pagans out there get stuck in a rut after reading his books, that is what bothers me about his work.

Kayt Rivermoon said...

Scott Cunningham was a good author, but agreed his books are not the be-all and end-all of Wicca. =grinning= for that you need to read Starhawk !

We won't even talk about Sliver. As far as Laurie Cabot goes, she does her "show" in Salem. I try not to judge people until I've listened to what they have to say, regardless of what they dress like. As far as her take on Wicca, there is a path which minimizes the God (or does without him entirely) called Dianic Wicca. My first HP'ess was Dianic-Eclectic.

Everyone's definition of 'balance' is going to be a bit different, as I think you know. Some people like (or require) their covens to have equal numbers of women and men. Some of us, not so much. In fact, if it's an all-women's gathering that just happens, I as HP will howl for the God-energy and encourage that from others. I do make sure Ol'Horny gets some recognition. But I also like to leave enough 'wiggle-room' within what I plan so that the spirits have room to noodge things as they see fit.

We all need to expand our horizons as Pagans, and cultivate critical thinking, and rid ourselves of the cultural cobwebs once in awhile. :D