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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early Sunday Mornings

You never thought that waking up early on a Sunday morning was ever going to be a good thing did you? Of course no one wants to be up early.. but around 7ish you hear "Mommy.. Mommy.. Cereal" and it is so darn cute you can't resist the call to get out of bed and go get them the biggest bowl of cereal you have ever made...your head is in a daze because you really could have used any more sleep that you could have gotten. But watching your little one chow down on cereal and slurp bananas and milk is just priceless.. you can't even remember making the bowl.. but you just sit in a meditative trance wishing for coffee to make itself.. while they enjoy every bite. They take their 3/4 eaten bowl to the sink and spill the milk on the floor.. and say UT OHH.. and you hand them a towel and they wipe it up with joy.. and you sit back and wonder "how did I get so lucky".

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