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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeking new sites

Despite my rather bleak outlook towards the pagan online community in general, I have joined two new pagan networking sites. Ya.. fun stuff. So.. am I the only one who wonders about the people who send you a friend invite the moment you have created your account? I think this is a Jersey thing.. but the words "I DON"T KNOW YOU" with a bit of sass just fly through my head. I know they are just trying to be friendly and meet new people.. but honestly, these people have NO CLUE how much of an asshole I can be when I can anonymously post my thoughts on the internet. Its like a ninja, who is only bad ass at night when he has his kick butt ninja outfit on. Or me when I would have my steel toed combat boots on... I didn't care who I kicked in the shins! I had to give those bad boys away after getting into trouble a few times in concert mosh pits. But in all honesty. Don't people want to get a better feel of you before inviting? at least have a profile ready to go and up? Am I the only one who reads a persons entire profile before I click "accept"?


tracemclane said...

well done jazzy I tried to learn how to knit once but didn't have the patience, so congrats to you and yess i do think knitting and sewing are marks of Motherhood and every mother should create some thing for there child!!!!!

Jasmine said...

Thank you Trace