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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The "Apps" wasteland...

For the 100th time today I found myself having to delete another smiley and angel from my facebook page... I got sick of it and posted a biter remark about having to delete them.. and my good.. well more like Great (since it rhymes.. I love a good rhyme) friend Nate said in response, that I should go through and clean out my apps. Well.. what a fricken eye opener!!! 193 apps.. holy fricken cow!!! that is allot of time I have wasted on quizzes and games! 965 minutes alone if I spent just 5 minutes with every App. Not including the countless hours on MafiaWars and other crap games like farmtown. Just think of everything I could be doing instead! Like exercising more.. working with my son on learning new tricks.. the list can go on and on here..

I need to stop.. I need to rethink my life. Today I am spending time deleting the majority of these apps from my facebook account.. I am hoping that I get the balls to delete the ones that have taken the most time out of my life.. we will see how that goes!

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