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Friday, January 29, 2010

I am a Mother, I am a creator.

As I sit here playing with my son and the DCkid today, I have been watching the movie "Julie & Julia". I have to say this movie has so far brought out allot in me. I came to realize that I am a creator. I love to cook and come up with my own recipes. I try to find new ways to make traditional foods healthy and healthy foods tasty. I often make one and an impressed with myself and find myself thinking of how I can share it with other people. Or wondering if I should sell my latest batch of homemade incense so that others can enjoy it too who are not as able as I to make such wonderful scents. I think that in my daily routines as a mother, I have forgotten how much of a creator I am. I am always making something, be it food, incense or a piece of art, I am creating. I think it is time for me to embrace more of this side of myself and expand. I have so many things I can share with people in this glorious gift called life. Well here is to creation.. I am thinking you will all start to see some of my creations here more often!

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