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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springy Spring

Ah life in bloom. I started my first official herb garden for this summer at my home. I really hope that I can become a woman who grows her own herbs and has a wonderful garden. I want it to eventually resemble "The Secret Garden", and we have a long long LONG way to go before we get there. I have never really gardened before besides house plants, but the excitement that I have that my Jasmine plant is still alive is testament to fate. So basically, when it comes to gardening, I am a 2nd grader wondering what I will wear to my prom. So I am starting little. I figure a small sensory herb garden is a good start. This way if it doesn't grow I am not too disapointed, but if it does, the kids will have a nice collection of plants to sniff, touch and taste this summer. I have started by getting a small plastic green house at walmart. I then bought seeds and followed the directions to a T. So far I have Cilantro, Lavender and Mint growing. Basil is looking a bit more lazy, lets hope she doesn't decide to skip the party. I should have them in the ground outside eventually it is looking like. So wish me luck!

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