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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Orange Peels

This the season that oranges and tangerines are in season, if you are like us you eat allot of them, they are like winters candy. Before you throw away your orange peels try these tried and true kitchen witch uses for orange peels:

1.) Throw them in a pot with water, cinnamon, a dash of cloves and ginger, a bit of vanilla extract and simmer on makes your house smell like "Yule"

2.) Save them for after you do your dishes and grind them down the disposal, it will make your sink smell great instead of like old food or soap.

3.) Hand grate them and use the zest for cooking.

4.) bend them back and release the oils into the air for air freshener.

5.) dry them and use for potpourri or incense.

6.) squeeze out the oil and add to your favorite home made cleaner for an extra cleaning boost and fresh scent.

7.) let them sit in some olive oil and use over a salad.. yum!

8.) use the straight oil to remove sticky gunk...same as the actual cleaner.. just bend the peel to release the oil and you have it for free.

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