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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall- a concious stream.

I just love this season. The leaves changing to warm hues and the air getting cooler.. warm cider with cinnamon and a bunch of cinnamon candles scent your house while cookies bake in the oven. Watching your family rake the yard and see your son hop around the yard with his own real rake made of metal and wood and its even his size!...the sound of the acorns pop pop popping in the fire pit with the burning leaves. Sleeping with the windows open and 3 blankets.. listening to your son yell around the house "FUUUUUUUUU" while holding up the Kung Fu Panda DVD. Watching the Hawkeyes and having a beer.. and then rubbing it in to my east coast friends when we kick penn states ass.. yep its lower case for a reason. I honestly did wear a hawkeye shirt to the blue and white penn state party back home in Jersey.. it was really blue and white. Venison chilli with 4 kinds of beans.. mmmm with crackers crumbled on top and a bit of cheese. I think I am already craving turkey..definitely stuffing and cranberry sauce. We will be in line at ToysRus @ midnight before you know it..well only us crazy ones. Does the goddess ever have to wait in lines? Does Hades have bathrooms? Persephone will soon know...if she eats the pomegranate she will have to go. But for now I must blow out my candles and open the windows and find my 4 pillows.. and blankets.. ahh the scent of campfire lingers on the breeze from our burning leaves..I cozy down in my bed and drift down to dreamland like the leaves on the trees.

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